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Recent Google satellite image of Nha Trang




Recent videos of Nha Trang from Frank Ford

Frank Ford, a member of the 224th Avn Bn sent in some recent videos that he took in Nha Trang. Here is his email:

I was with 224th Avn Bn (1st RR 68~69 & HHD 69~71). Over the past few years, I've collected names & addresses of members of the 224th... mainly those of my units, but whenever I run across sister units, I file them as well.

Anyway, I've got a couple dozen names of guys from the 144th and thought I'd pass them on to you.

I've visited Nha Trang in the recent past and took some videos. A bit of it is posted on my YouTube website:

You'll also find a ton of other videos, mostly from Cam Ranh and Saigon.


Frank Ford


We have received an email from Robert Busby who was stationed at the 144th in 1970-71. The email contains some pictures of MPs from the 144th and some personal information from Robert. Click on his picture to bring up the email in PDF format.

Rex Jackson, an RU-8 mechanic with the 144th from December 1966 - 1967 sent in these links for us.




Special Notice


The webmaster of the 191st Assault Helicopter Company has informed this web site that one of their members has come into possession of a Zippo lighter belonging to a member of the 144th Avn Company and would like to return it to the proper owner. The lighter is inscribed " Dennis Hoersch   N. Dakota   Nha Trang   69 - 70   144 Avn Co. RR"         You may contact Bill James @  for more information.








If you want to see a recent satellite image of Nha Trang or Nha Trang Air Base go to Google Earth and type in Nha Trang, Vietnam. You can zoom in and around all of Nha Trang with a very high resolution and clarity. Thanks to Rex Jackson for this tip.